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This Convention offers a variety of events/classes/ trainings for players, coaches, ref and admins. Click on blue bar above for more details.


Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club is teaming up with Lacrosse Fanatic (LAX FAN) which was shared by Mikie Schlosser of the Denver Outlaws professional lacrosse team.  LAX FAN is a lacrosse family-owned store which is staffed with actual lacrosse players and coaches of all levels.  It sells lacrosse equipment, uniforms, fan gear and offers great discounts to player families which in turn provides discounts on Club purchases.  You set up an account and then go into Team Discounts and insert the code we give you.  This allows you to join the Goal Line Extended Club membership for free (normally $25), however, this fee waiver expires early November so do this part soon  (even if you don't place an order).  With the holidays coming up, what better time to get on and look and get some ideas for your favorite lacrosse players.

LAX FAN also includes rental options on good quality gear with an option to buy at a reduced rate at the end of the season.  This can be an affordable way to get your own quality gear without having to pay for it all at once especially for the JV team where, except for helmets and uniforms, we are trying to move away from rental gear.

CODE for signups is:  teamcodyyouth20



Send email to with description of what you have found, where, when and your contact info. It will be posted under this link. Please advise when it has been claimed.

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Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club


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Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club (CWLC) is comprised of two boards:   "Youth" and  "JV", both acting together to encourage and grow the sport of lacrosse in and around Park County, Wyoming.  Both clubs are 501(c)3, non-profit organizations and are proud to offer the sport for most age groups from elementary through high school (currently U10, U14/15 and JV/High School).   Formed in 2014, and due to the newness of lacrosse in Wyoming, we play in the Montana Lacrosse Leagues:  Montana High School Lacrosse Association (MTHSLA) and Montana Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA).   

Because of our desire to grow the sport we are always looking for coaches, sponsorships, board members and just involvement to let our communities know about lacrosse.  Explore our website and feel free to reach out with any question, thoughts or ways you would like to get involved to: 

Warriors Win 2018 Montana State Tournament - Silver Division

Warriors Win 2018 Montana State Tournament - Silver Division


After clicking blue link above, click on team and then "submit" at bottom of MYLA screen.